PHASTAR donates SAS programs to FDA/PhUSE Open Source Repository

PHASTAR has today released two SAS useful macros to be available free of charge in the newly launched open source FDA/PhUSE repository.  Both macros can create a large number of tables within a clinical trial report.  One creates tables of summary statistics for continuous and/or categorical data (for example, tables of demographics).  The other creates tables of event counts, such as adverse events, or the number of patients taking specific medications, in a clinical trial.

We believe that pharmaceutical companies should focus their efforts in developing innovative new medicines, and that software development should be either done collaboratively, or left to software development experts.  We hope that our donation - one of the first in the FDA/PhUSE repository - will encourage others to donate useful SAS, R, STATA, S+ or other scripts and tools to the statistical and programming community, and we wish the FDA/PhUSE team success in their new venture.