SAS Art Competition 2017 - The Results

PHASTAR's annual SAS Art Competition closed at the end of November and it is time to reveal this year's winner!

Every year we are really impressed by the entries we receive from statisticians and SAS programmers; however, there can only be one winner...

The Winner

SAS Art competition entry: Here Be Dragons 
Here Be Dragons by Rosalind Sampson

Congratulations to Rosalind Sampson, whose piece entry Here Be Dragons was voted as this year's winning entry. This is the second year running that Rosalind has won the competition!

Here is what Rosalind had to say about her piece:

"The images on the picture are all based on the dragon curve fractal, which is used in the ‘Jurassic Park’ novel as a metaphor for cataclysmic changes within an ordered system. The film version dropped most of that discussion, but in Michael Crichton’s book, each chapter begins with one of the iterations of this fractal, and it works surprisingly well as a device to generate mystery and tension in the novel. From a certain angle, the basic dragon curve looks a bit like a dinosaur - so it’s an image that’s quite arresting and vaguely sinister.

Weirdly, while looking for some background images I could use along with my dragon curves, I randomly found that one of my logarithmic spirals had created what appeared to be a dragon’s head at its origin, proving that Dr Ian Malcolm was right all along - there is indeed something creepy about this fractal."

Christmas Competition

SAS Art competition entry: Barnsley Fern Fractal
Barnsley Fern Fractal by Martin Clancy

The image above was generated using SAS software by one of PHASTAR's statisticians. The Christmas tree is based on a Barnsley Fern fractal straightened up slightly to look a bit more like a tree. The tree, snow and Christmas lights are all procedurally generated. Most of the output is simulated as using random uniform and normal variables.

As per usual PHASTAR tradition this image was used for the company's 2017 Christmas card.

Once again congratulations to Rosalind, Martin and many thanks to all those who contributed this year.