Strategic partnerships praised at PCT

PCT Europe

PHASTAR recently attended the annual Partnerships in Clinical Trials (PCT) conference in Amsterdam. The event brings together industry professionals from Sponsor and CRO organisations across the clinical trials spectrum and provides access to some of the industry's leading innovators. This year, topics included:

  • Partnerships and Collaboration
  • Investigator and industry: How can they work together?
  • Mobile eHealth
  • Governance, Oversight and Quality
  • Partnership Management
  • Patients as Partners
  • Disruptive Innovation, Technology and Big Data
  • Small to Mid-Size Pharma and Biotech

A common theme across the conference was the value of strategic partnerships to both the Sponsor and CRO.  This included several talks on motivations, objectives & expectations which led to many lively and interactive panel/audience discussions of how to measure and evaluate whether a partnership is successful.   A joint presentation by a top 20 pharma company and global CRO provided a good case study of a long-standing partnership that has grown over more than 10 years.  The presentation described the history of the partnership which started with two small pilot biopharm studies where limited functional services were outsourced.  Over a 10-year period, this expanded to a global full-service model spanning several business units across the pharma organisation.  There were significant challenges along the way but critical factors for success included senior management buy-in, commitment to continuous review/improvement, value for both parties, pipeline transparency and cultural fit.  Further details of this and other presentations during PCT are available on request.