BIO-Europe: BREXIT update


We attended a seminar hosted by the UK Bioindustry Association at the BIO-Europe conference in Berlin in November 2017. Speakers included a few mainland Europe based industry leaders whose companies had a UK component, as well as Lord O'Shaughnessy, UK health minister for life sciences and BREXIT. At the start of the seminar it was noted how much of the European workload that the UK contributes to: 20% of EMA licensing and 30% of the pharmacovigilance work.

Lord O'Shaughnessy clearly stated that he wanted the UK and Europe to continue to work closely together post BREXIT. Reassuringly, he also stated that the UK will continue to welcome the best talent globally, saying "We want the brightest and best, from wherever they are from, to come to the UK". It's our view that Lord O'Shaughnessy has a sensible, positive and pragmatic approach to BREXIT, and we are confident that he will represent our industries interests well in negotiations. The panel discussed various aspects of BREXIT, but the clear message from industry to government was that there is a need for clarity around BREXIT plans as soon as possible. This included clarity around future immigration rules, regulatory approaches and any trade barriers that might result from BREXIT.