PHASTAR becomes a CDISC Gold Member

PHASTAR announce that they have been accepted as a GOLD Member of the CDISC Organisation.  PHASTAR joins as a member of the CDISC organisation to build on our expertise in data analysis and consolidation.

PHASTAR is most well known for expertise in statistics, but the preparation of datasets is an important step before any analysis can take place.  Most of our clients have now adopted CDISC standards for their raw and analysis datasets, and rely on our expertise to ensure that datasets submitted to the FDA are CDISC compliant.

The stated aim of the CDISC organisation is:

The CDISC mission is to develop and support global, platform-independent data standards that enable information system interoperability to improve medical research and related areas of healthcare.

We have a shared aim of improving medical research, and the healthcare of patients around the globe, and hope that our membership of the CDISC organisation will further enhance the contribution that PHASTAR can make to the drug development projects of our clients. 

For further information about CDISC, visit their website