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    Medical Statistics Programme Level 7

Considering an apprenticeship?

Are you looking to gain new skills and develop your career? Are you interested in working for an award-winning, top 10, data-focused global contract research organisation? Are you an enthusiastic individual who embraces challenges, is eager to learn and wants to make a valuable difference with their work?

Then an apprenticeship at Phastar could be the answer for you! A career at Phastar offers you the chance to work with a supportive and dynamic team, where you will play a vital role in the development of future lifesaving medicines. Enjoy gaining valuable on-the-job experience in an intellectually stimulating environment, whilst earning a salary at the same time and achieving a nationally recognised qualification from the University of Strathclyde.

You will be working in a continuously growing, global company which is managed by experienced statisticians, programmers and data managers who are leading figures in the industry. So, whether you are looking for your first role, an alternative to the traditional academic routes or wishing to pursue a new career direction, an apprenticeship at Phastar could be your next move. It can boost your employability and lead to a wealth of career opportunities.

How does it work?

Apprenticeships can last from 1 to 5 years, depending on the type of programme and educational level. Apprenticeships are available at different equivalent education levels, right through to a Masters. As a Phastar apprentice, you will spend at least 20% of your working hours a week pursuing off-the-job learning. This is typically online learning, which may involve lectures, workshops, being mentored or practical skills training.

Over the duration of your apprenticeship, you will complete a structured development programme. At Phastar, we will support and mentor you along the way.

All programmes are fully funded by Phastar at no cost to you. As an apprentice, you will receive a competitive salary and the same staff benefits as all Phastar employees. You will also enjoy further discounts through schemes such as the NUS apprentice extra and TfL’s Apprentice Oyster card.


What apprenticeships can I pursue with Phastar?

Medical Statistics Programme Level 7 apprenticeship

A level 7 apprenticeship programme, where you will work towards a Masters level degree (from the University of Strathclyde), through on-the-job experience, combined with part-time, online learning and study, over a 3-year period. You will cover the following programme modules in each year:

Year 1 (60 credits of taught modules) - Foundations of probability and statistics, Data analytics in R, Statistical modelling and analysis

Year 2 (60 credits of taught modules) - Medical statistics, Quantitative risk analysis, Survey design and analysis, spatial statistics, Effective statistical consultancy

Year 3 - 60 credit project

You will complete all of your modules and learning requirements on the University of Strathclyde’s online learning platform.

The Medical Statistics Programme Level 7 apprenticeship is an English government approved apprenticeship. Unfortunately, it is not available in Wales as the Welsh government only accepts Level 6 BSc apprenticeship schemes at this time. Possibilities for Scotland and Northern Ireland are currently being investigated and we will provide more updates on there as soon as we have more information.

No matter what programme or team you are working with in Phastar, you’ll be making valuable contributions to the biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device sectors, not to mention a huge difference to millions of future lives. You can continue to check our current vacancies on our Careers page as we update it with new opportunities and other graduate roles.

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