• Centre for Analytical Excellence

    Centre for Analytical Excellence

    A holistic and unified approach to advanced analytics

Introducing the Centre for Analytical Excellence - a holistic and unified approach to advanced analytics.

Our data specialists work with organisations to maximise value from data, enabling data-driven, forward-thinking decision making through the application of methodological statistics, machine learning, natural language processing, modelling, and other innovative analytical methodologies.

Meet the experts

A collaboration of experts from different analytical functions.

Professor Jennifer Visser-Rogers
VP, Statistical Research & Consultancy

"The Centre for Analytical Excellence formalises PHASTAR’s commitment to research, allowing us to remain at the cutting edge of new innovations and novel approaches to analytical problems, strengthening our technical expertise even further."

Dr Sheelagh Aird
Senior Director, Digital Health and Data Science

"PHASTAR’s commitment to excellence underpins everything that we do, and this Centre only strengthens this, bringing benefits to our clients by making the most of the abundance of talent and technical expertise that we have."


In addition to our standard statistics and data management services for clinical study reporting our centre for analytical excellence provides additional services to maximise the value from your data and provide answers to the more unusual questions.

Machine learning

Machine learning

Algorithims that automatically learn from data, helping to identify patterns in data and/or make predictions on new data.

Natural language processing

Natural language processing

Enabling computers to process and analyse large amounts of text or natural language data.

Methodological statistics

Methodological statistics

Statistical methodologies are the mathematical relationships between a response variable and other associated non-random variables.



The process of applying statistical analyses to datasets which encompasses statistical methods and the practice of model fitting.

Innovative analytics

Innovative analytics

The integration of knowledge, data, analytics and methods to drive smarter decision making and optimise innovation.

Digital Health

Digital Health

A digital health strategy driven by clinical need and supported by technology, analytics, and insights.

Analytical consulting tailored to your needs

Whether at the design stage of a clinical study, the study is in-flight or you want to unlock value from existing data, our expert analysts can help define the questions to be answered, identify the optimum analytical approaches, and deliver the value you require.


We work with you to identify and assimilate different data from clinical trials, real-world data and other data sources.


Our innovative analytical approaches provide valuable insights across data sources empowering you to make the data-driven decisions.


We identify and apply methods to enable predictions on new data from historical data and understand how those predictions are made.

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The experience across the team at PHASTAR is rich and varied and on average the technical team has over 14 years’ experience, which is a wealth of knowledge that brings huge benefits to our clients. The team are not only experts working with data but also the analytics of that data to deliver value. The wealth of analytical experience is challenging to quantify with expertise ranging from statistical methodology to mathematical modelling to data science.

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