Data Management's Role in Multi Stream Data Capture

Data Management's Role in Multi Stream Data Capture

What to expect from this webinar:

Data collected in the by traditional means of EDC systems utilizing libraries of eCRFs is becoming a smaller proportion of the data required to be collected, as defined by the protocol and the required data for analysis by our statistics partners. The advent of wearables and the utilization of electronic health records with the millions of data points collected will reduce the proportion of ‘data entered’ data further in the future. Clinical trials now often have multiple data streams collecting efficacy and safety end points, a recent survey showed that one trial run had in excess of 30 different types of data streams collected in one clinical trial.

So how will we as data managers ensure the integrity and accuracy of that data and reconcile across multi types and sources of data? How do we define ‘source’ and how will we ensure that changes are captured and audit trails are regulatory compliant and available for all types of inspections.

This presentation will share best practice and highlight practical strategies of handling these new data types in traditional clinical trials with multiple data sources, working with multiple vendors and differing key data sources. This also gives all an opportunity to share learnings across this topic and discuss the vision of the future with the advent of new technologies in this area.

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