在PHASTAR,我们深知尽快和尽可能安全地控制全球COVID-19疫情的紧迫性。 我们在员工方面采取措施,在更强服务器性能的支持之下,让全球所有员工都能居家办公。 我们的系统可实现不间断和高效的远程工作,员工可使用视频会议和电话保持相互联系。

此外,根据世界卫生组织和当地政府指引,所有商务旅行都已暂停并有待另行通知。 PHASTAR目前正在展开数个COVID‐19项目,其中包括:疫苗、诊断和抗体试验。 您将继续能够根据目前情况与我们讨论相关试验的更改,并且我们可以为您的试验提供任何方面的帮助,其中包括:数据库快速开发、临床试验/审查高效设计以及与监管机构沟通。

我们深知,由于疫情影响,每项试验都面临着各自的挑战,我们的团队随时可与您讨论任何疑虑。 凭借我们的统计咨询、统计程序开发、数据管理以及数据科学能力,PHASTAR可为您提供所需的帮助。

Working together during COVID-19

At PHASTAR, we understand the urgency of getting the COVID-19 global pandemic under control as quickly and as safely as possible.

In terms of our staff, we have taken steps to allow all our global staff to work from home, supported by enhanced server capabilities. Our systems allow for uninterrupted, effective remote working and staff are in continued contact with each other via video conferences and phone calls. Furthermore, in line with WHO and local governmental guidelines all business travel has been suspended until further notice.

PHASTAR continues to be available to discuss modifications of trials in light of the current situation. We can help with any aspect of your trial from rapid database development, efficient clinical trial design/ review and communicating with regulatory agencies. We understand that every trial will have its own individual challenges arising from this pandemic and our team are on hand to discuss any of your concerns.

PHASTAR is able to assist through our statistical consulting, statistical programming, data management or data science capabilities.

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