Extracting Value from Real-World Data:
An Example with Wearables

Extracting value from real-world data: an example with wearables

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What to expect from this webinar:

Consumer wrist-worn activity trackers continue to gain in popularity and can provide general health and fitness measures such as step count, heart rate, activity and sleep levels. This rich data source could potentially offer insights into the general health and well-being of individuals, but its utilisation is not without its challenges.

Despite the hype, it is not fully understood how such patient-generated data could be used alongside the data traditionally collected during a clinical trial. To date clinical trials that utilise consumer-grade devices, specifically activity trackers, focus on their use as an intervention for example in behavioural studies or as an endpoint measure.

The Data science group at PHASTAR will share the results of a feasibility study to look at the data generated from consumer-grade wrist-worn activity trackers and discuss the challenges and potential solutions around the data workflow; from data access through to the generation of statistical models to provide meaningful analysis and interpretation in the context of a clinical trial.

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