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Biometrics Expertise

Access a global team of trusted experts

Deep Understanding of Data

At Phastar, we have over 400 technical experts across 11 countries , with experience across the full spectrum of biometrics, from strategic consulting to regulatory strategy. Through collaboration and building robust partnerships, we’re able to create flexible and dynamic solutions to your specific challenges.

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Strategic Partners for Biotech

We specialise in supporting Biotechs throughout the drug development journey. We can work with you from the very start, helping you meet each critical milestone. We’ll be a central point of contact for all stakeholders, support with navigating regulatory constraints and ensure every deliverable is of the highest quality. Flexible delivery approaches and access to a tailored suite of advanced analytics tools mitigate risk and create cost-efficiencies throughout the project lifecycle. As strategic partners and therapeutic experts, we’re committed to accelerating your drug development program forward to a successful outcome.

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World-leading Statistical Consultants

Our statistical consultants are at the forefront of innovation. Through our work, we identify novel concepts and methodologies for investigation, partnering with leading academic institutions to publish findings in peer-reviewed journals. We then take these insights directly into your projects, ensuring you’re always getting the latest advice and expertise for your clinical trial.

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Rescue Trial Experts

Poor regulatory quality can significantly impact study timelines, submissions and ultimately commercialisation. At Phastar, we’re proud to say that we’ve never had a trial rescued. In fact, we’re the go-to CRO for trial rescues.

If your trial is at risk of missing the deadline or if the quality is in doubt, we can help. We’ll evaluate the extent and nature of the issues, identifying all necessary remedial actions. Then we’ll step in as a third-party entity and assist in overseeing the project.

We’ll provide guidance to your project team, co-ordinate with third party CROs and even take full responsibility for managing your study. Our extensive global experience, understanding of local regulatory frameworks and suite of advanced technologies mean we can act quickly and efficiently to put your trial back on the PHAStrack to approval.

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Adaptive, Bayesian Design Expertise

There any many clinical trial methodologies. Some are based on well-established fixed models, while others require complex strategies and novel methodologies to achieve the intended efficiencies. Our in-house experts specialise in two key efficiency driven flexible models, Adaptive and Bayesian design. We have extensive experience planning, creating and running studies using these methodologies at every stage of a clinical trial, from planning and simulation/elicitation to delivery and analysis. We can support you end-to-end, applying precision and scientific rigour to help you realise meaningful efficiencies and successful regulatory outcomes.

Speak to one of our experts for advice on utilising adaptive and Bayesian methods in your trial.

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Solutions Driven by Industry Leading Experts

Our team of Statistical Consultants and Data Scientists are at the forefront of the biometrics industry. See the latest articles from our specialist team.

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