PHASTAR turns 10: A message from our CEO

Happy Birthday PHASTAR!

Ten years ago, PHASTAR hired our first employee, and the company was born. We started out with some basic principles: to offer the best quality services around data handling and statistical advice whilst also being an enjoyable place to work. Those simple principles have remained the same throughout the last 10 years. Running a business comes with many challenges - and I have enjoyed meeting these challenges head on - although I couldn’t do it without the support of colleagues, customers, family, friends and others offering support. I’m very proud that we’ve grown to be one of the largest data-focussed companies offering services for drug and medical device development worldwide, and are now the largest group of CRO statisticians in the UK - especially given the quality and experience of our team – an average of more than 10 years industry experience. I know we have a lot of happy customers - I receive messages from customers on a daily basis, thanking us and often stating that we have gone the extra mile.

A few of my proudest moments at PHASTAR:

  • A video presentation made by PHASTAR staff themed “Three words to describe PHASTAR”. A number of the PHASTAR team members were asked for three words that described their experience of working at PHASTAR. The final video was really stylish and also had heart-warming content, as the consistent theme was that PHASTAR was a fun place to work. I might have preferred a little more focus on our technical prowess, but to hear the team saying how much they enjoyed working here left me fighting back tears. When the video was presented at the conference – and I was a little nervous as this had never been done before – I received surprising compliments from usually conservative industry leaders as well as a rapturous round of applause. In case you’ve never seen the video – it’s here.
  • We were working on a cancer drug that was a really high priority as there was a lot of evidence of really good efficacy, saving a significant proportion of cancer patients’ lives. We were up against huge time pressure to get results ready in a record period of time. Cancer studies are generally the most difficult as the response derivations can be quite complex. Just about everyone in the company volunteered to help, and although there were a few late nights, we delivered everything on time with no errors. The drug is now on the market and holds the record for the fastest drug from discovery to market.
  • Being recognised for business success when we were listed in the Sunday Times FastTrack100 in 2015 (UK’s fastest growing 100 companies) and again in the Financial Times FT1000 in 2017 (Europe’s fastest growing 1000 companies).
  • Joining forces with our data management partner – bringing data management in-house enhanced the approach to good data capture by integrating the quality focused processes of highly experienced team members across the 2 companies.

We’re currently in the process of putting together longer term plans at PHASTAR. We’re expecting to see continued significant demand for our services as more pharma and biotech companies hear about our reputation for quality and realise that they don’t need to put up with second rate services. We intend to continue to grow our teams in the UK, US, Australia and Kenya – maintaining the balance of experience – and also look for other global locations where we can hire talented individuals.

We have worked on a large number of drug development projects in the last 10 years, resulting in many medicines that are now being used by patients, saving countless lives and improving the quality of life for many others. This was and remains my motivation for working in this industry. I’d like to thank everyone who has helped contribute to our success and the success of our drug development work that contributes to helping so many others.