PHASTAR officially opens in Kenya

2016 marked an important milestone in our continued global expansion as we opened our first permanent offshore PHASTAR office located in Nairobi, Kenya. Our new office is located to the south east of Nairobi, equidistant between the city centre and airport:

This expansion built on our established ties with Kenya with three of our long serving employees already working from Nairobi, including one member of staff who has been appointed Director of PHASTAR Kenya. Kenya has an excellent educational infrastructure, with an education system based on the colonial British schooling system, although there was a Kenyan education system documented in a 1728 Swahili manuscript. There is a rich community of medical research going on in Nairobi, which is the leading centre in Africa for research in infectious and tropical diseases. A team of experienced local statisticians and programmers with a strong background in analytics and statistics have also been appointed.

We have an ongoing exchange programme, sending our senior UK-based programmers to Nairobi for an extended secondments to facilitate knowledge exchange and deliver PHASTAR training to the new staff, including CDISC standards, PHASTAR's systems and processes and our in-house approach to ensuring quality - the "PHASTAR Discipline". Within a very short period the team's ability, enthusiasm and drive to pick up new skills has been evident. The team are now applying what they have learnt in reporting clinical data.