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Updated 29th January 2024

Modern Slavery Act Statement 2024

Vivos Technology Limited TA as Phastar and its subsidiaries (together, ‘Phastar’) is committed to do everything we can to ensure modern slavery does not exist in our business and in the supply chains which we work with.

Organisation Structure

Phastar is a UK-headquartered contract research organisation (“CRO”) specialising in providing biometrics services to pharmaceutical and biotech companies to support clinical trials. Our top priority is the quality of our work and ensuring that our clients are given the best statistical advice, that their clinical data is analysed optimally and that we get it right for them first time, every time.

Phastar’s reputation for high quality work has seen the company grow its global teams, with offices in the UK, US, Australia, Kenya, Japan, India, China, Denmark, Canada and Germany.

Phi Topco (UK) Limited is the smallest and largest group in which the accounts of Phastar are consolidated. All consolidated accounts are available at Companies House and the UK head office is located at 2D Bollo Ln, Chiswick, London, W4 5LE.

Supply Chain

Phastar is a CRO providing biometrics services to pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Our supply chain consists of suppliers delivering services required to conduct our biometric services and other ancillary goods and services. Whilst Phastar is a global business operating in numerous locations throughout the world, we believe the risk of modern slavery for our business, and in our sector, is low.

Our employees and contractors are predominantly professionals who have significant scientific and professional training. We are a service-based business and are therefore not particularly at risk of slavery and human trafficking. We require our suppliers to comply with all UK laws, rules and regulations.

Our Policies and Training

Phastar have a comprehensive anti-bribery policy, business ethics policy and employee code of conduct which conveys the rules of the Company in relation to our unequivocal stance towards the eradication of bribery and our commitment to ensuring that Phastar conducts its business in a fair, professional, and legal manner. These policies apply to all employees and contractors and should be adhered to at all times when employees engage with suppliers.

As part of the training, we ask all our employees to certify via our training platform that they read and understood the policy so they can identify behaviours which may violate our policies.

Our Due Diligence Processes and Risk Assessments

We have put processes in place to ensure we minimize any potential risks where slavery and human trafficking could occur, including in our supply chains.

All our employees and contractors are subject to background checks and verifications, including agency checks. We require all employees and contractors to be aligned with our values. Phastar processes ensure strict compliance checks are carried for all candidates it supplies. We verify the identity of each worker and their right to work before supply commences.

Vendor assessments of GxP providers are performed by our QA team, where an initial risk assessment is performed which then drives the need for any further activities, which might include requests for further information from the vendor through to a full audit of facilities and services.

All of our commercial contracts are subject to assurances from third party organizations that require them to operate in an ethical and legal manner.

Reporting, investigations and corrective actions

At Phastar we encourage and expect our employees to seek guidance and report any potential violations of our Code of Conduct, any policies or the law. All Phastar employees have access to dedicated channels through which they may voice concerns, either through local reporting mechanisms or through the global whistleblowing procedure. Phastar is committed to protecting employees when disclosing malpractice and will ensure that all disclosures made in good faith will be treated confidentially and without fear of retaliation.

Phastar thoroughly investigates any concerns raised and takes timely and adequate actions based on the findings of the investigation.

This statement is made pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and constitutes our slavery and human trafficking statement for 2024.

Meirion Rees (Chief Financial Officer).