PHASTAR Life Science Summit

A global statistics and data science forum

PHASTAR is delighted to announce our 2020 PHASTAR Life Science Summit – a global statistics and data science forum.

Running over two afternoons on Tuesday 30th June and Wednesday 1st July, PHASTAR’s Life Science Summit will focus on developing and delivering statistical and data science excellence with engaging discussions and presentations from industry experts. PHASTAR’s Life Science summit will cover timely topics such as COVID-19, statistics in clinical trials, data science and its applications, as well as a dedicated young statisticians’ showcase.

As part of PHASTAR’s Life Science Summit, we are calling for abstracts for oral presentation! We want to encourage your participation in this online conference. We are accepting abstract submissions from a wide range of healthcare areas including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices and healthcare products. It is expected to be written with statistics and/ or data science in mind, but we are open to all interpretations.

To submit and abstract for a contributed presentation please complete the abstract proposal form and e-mail to The deadline for abstract submission is Sunday 7th June. Abstracts will be chosen by PHASTAR’s selection committee and those with accepted abstracts will be contacted directly within two weeks of the abstract submission deadline.

Types of Presentation and Plenary sessions

There will be two plenary sessions during the summit, each lasting for 50 minutes including questions:

  • “Designing clinical trials during a pandemic: Some personal lessons from COVID-19”, Professor Thomas Jaki, Lancaster University
  • “The best laid plans... Navigating uncertainty during COVID-19”, a panel discussion featuring Professor Stephen Senn, Dr Janet Wittes, and Professor Frank Harrell

Standard presentations

These will be allocated 20 minutes each including time for questions. All presentations within a track will run parallel to other sessions.

Young Statisticians’ Showcase presentations

These rapid-fire presentations will be 10 minutes each with a restricted number of slides and no questions. These presentations will run in parallel to the standard presentations.

Plenary sessions

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