Celebrating the launch of Phastar Denmark

To celebrate the launch of Phastar Denmark, the company recently hosted a drinks reception for local partners and clients to come and meet the team. Situated in the Nordhavn area of Copenhagen, Phastar’s new location bolsters the company’s presence in the Nordic region and enhances its offering to local clients.

Guests were warmly welcomed by Scott McGregor, Phastar's Country Manager of Denmark, before receiving a series of presentations showcasing Phastar’s Data and Visual Analytics software and expertise.

Daniel Anderson, Director of Qlik Products & Extensions, performed a live demonstration of Phastar's versatile suite of user-friendly applications that enable fast clinical trial workflows, and seamless data integration from EDC to CTMS systems.

Phastar's Associate Director of Operations, John McDade then introduced guests to MAPIT, an efficient and customisable process for mapping raw data to the appropriate SDTM domain, significantly expediting the approval process for drug development and submission.

Overall, it was a memorable day for Phastar Denmark, and the perfect way to embark on a new chapter in their journey. The event showcased their expertise and commitment to providing comprehensive clinical trial services, and guests left impressed with the level of innovation and expertise that Phastar brings to the table.

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