External article: Data Management Q&A - Stepping Back to Get the Big Picture

Phastar's Carly Baker, Director of Clinical Data Management, and Alice Wang, Principal Data Scientist, recently took part in a Data Management-focused Q&A for the ACRP's Clinical Researcher June 2023 release (Volume 37, Issue 3).

In a wide-ranging discussion the pair touch on the benefits of IDMCs in safeguarding participant safety and ensuring data integrity, as well as covering on the impact of decentralised trials and remote patient monitoring on data management, the selection of effective data collection methods, the utilisation of historical data for predictive analysis, the importance of data visualisation, and the challenges posed by differing international approaches to data regulations like GDPR. The Q&A session offers valuable insights for clinicians and researchers seeking to optimize their data management strategies and navigate the evolving landscape of clinical trials.

You can read the full Q&A at the ACRP website here.