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Moving from siloed data collection to a unified platform allows for operational acceleration across functional teams. By embracing AI & advanced analytics, we can support the understanding of historical data, improve study design as well as patient selection, reach and retention.

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At PHASTAR we get things done through excellence in leadership. As digital transformation in the clinical trials arena advances, we are navigating ever increasing amounts of complex data from multiple sources generated by innovative study designs.

Our experienced team leaders draw on their years of strategic collaborations within the industry and advanced analytical and technical skills to apply fit for purpose approaches to data collection, analysis and reporting.

Through a choice of technology platforms and software for data integration and visualisations, and the application of machine learning, natural language processing methodologies, we provide focussed operational digital healthcare solutions to our clients. 
Dr Sheelagh Aird
Senior Director, Digital Health and Data Science
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PHASTAR's approach to Digital Health

There is currently no widely adopted definition of digital health today. At PHASTAR we take a broad view and refer to digital health as the "use of technology in healthcare" as it encompasses the of use computing platforms, connectivity, software, artificial intelligence, machine learning and sensors for health care and related uses.

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Case report forms (CRFs) are critical in clinical trials as they capture vital data related to patient safety, treatment efficacy, and overall trial outcomes. Good CRF design is essential to ensure the accuracy and completion of CRFs during the data collection process, warranting the validity and reliability of trial results and leading to the approval of new treatments and medicines.

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The ACDM's eDigital Data Management Expert Group (DMEG) recently released the paper titled “Top 15 Considerations for Decentralised Clinical Trials (DCTs).”

Among the co-authors includes PHASTAR's Director of Data Science, Dr Jennifer Bradford. 

You can read more about the eDigital data management expert group and access their publications here.

Expert study design, statistical analysis, data science, data capture, and reporting for clinical trials