Introducing the Centre for Analytical Excellence

The experience across the team at PHASTAR is rich and varied and on average the technical team has over 14 years’ experience, which is a wealth of knowledge that brings huge benefits to our clients. The team are not only experts working with data but also the analytics of that data to deliver value. The wealth of analytical experience is challenging to quantify with expertise ranging from statistical methodology to mathematical modelling to data science.

What is clear however, is that we wanted to make the most of the abundance of talent we have within the company. To provide an environment for individuals to contribute where they have knowledge and to learn where they have interest. This benefits not only our team as they continue to grow and learn, but also our projects and clients as we can strengthen our technical expertise even further.

It is on this basis that the Centre for Analytical Excellence was born, providing a holistic and unified approach to advanced analytics at PHASTAR. There are a few key objectives at the core of this initiative that we believe will enable PHASTAR to maximise the analytical capability we have across the company.


We will have a forum that will promote and facilitate collaboration between experts. We are a global company, supporting many different projects and clients, and this inclusive forum will provide an arena for team members to learn from each other, enter technical discussions, and learn about the latest advances and approaches from an analytical perspective.


PHASTAR is committed to supporting research, which enables us to be innovative, to explore novel approaches to problems, and to learn and grow our capabilities and our people. We also partner with companies to ensure we bring in external expertise, platforms, and data sources as required.


As a company we are committed to excellence and the centre for analytical excellence strengthens that commitment. Led by experienced individuals from different functions within PHASTAR, this unified approach will enable us to respond to analytical questions and challenges to support the industry in moving forwards to improve the conduct of trials and maximise value from data. We have leaders from our research and methodological statistics, data science, and digital health functions.

If you would like to find out more about the centre for analytical excellence or have an analytical problem and would like us to support you, then please get in touch.