About Phastar

Bring your data to life with the global experts in biometrics

Quality at the Heart of Everything We Do

Phastar is a leading, award-winning, specialist Biometrics CRO that provides statistical consulting, analysis, reporting, data management and data science services to small and large biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device companies across the world.

Quality is the highest priority, bringing decades of technical knowledge into a core set of principles called the ‘Phastar Discipline’. This framework has been specifically designed to create meticulous, error-free outcomes.

We leverage collaboration, technology, clinical data, and our worldwide presence to optimise decision-making for safety, quality, and efficiency.

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Client-centric Approach

This begins with exploring your clinical development and outsourcing objectives. We focus on your project needs and timeline to source the right minds to build and analyse your programme.

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Bespoke Strategy

Individualised strategy that incorporates everything from desired levels of oversight and risk tolerance to preferences on staff sourcing. Plans are mapped to functional requirements and supported by talent from across the business.

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Flexible Outsourcing

Our outsourcing models are crafted for optimal efficiency, high performance, and tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need an embedded extension of your team or whole project services, we adapt with you.

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Dynamic Global Offices

With 15 global offices, including regional expertise, a biometrics specific recruitment team, and a scalable approach that can ramp dynamically. We are well-equipped to support you with your clinical development programmes.

Together, Through the Power of Data, we make a Meaningful Impact on Advancing Human Health

Our Vision

We are committed to being the biometrics partner of choice to the pharma, medical device and biotech sectors. As your partner, we promise ‘quality by design’, prioritising meticulous planning, expert execution, and delivery that exceeds expectations. By aligning seamlessly to your objectives and ensuring that excellence permeates every aspect of our collaboration, we go beyond service provision, driving you forward to success.

Committed to the Highest Quality Standards Worldwide

Founded in 2007, we have established a reputation for stringent quality practises and technological innovation. Through building robust, long-term partnerships with our clients, we have grown globally, with locations in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Kenya, Japan, India, China, Denmark, France, Germany and Spain.

Pushing the Boundaries of Innovation

Using the latest technology alongside our expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning methods and techniques we have created a suite of proprietary tools and apps that give you unparalleled access to your data, driving better, faster and smarter decisions across the clinical trial lifecycle. In addition, we have capabilities to create and customise tools and apps specifically to support your business needs.

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We’re a B Corp™ Organisation

We’re proud to be a Certified B Corporation®, acknowledging our commitment to the highest standards of social and environmental impact. The verification is more than a badge. It reflects our values of making a meaningful difference in the world and being a great company to work with and to work for. We’ll continue in our aim to create a positive, sustainable and equitable future.

Read more about our B Corp™ status.