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Data and visual analytics

Working with global pharmaceutical companies, we have increased the value of their data using Apps we have developed using Qlik data analytics and visualisation tools. Talk to our experienced pharmaceutical subject matter experts and find out how they can help you optimise your data analysis and improve data quality.

Our experts

Our consultants are highly qualified, pharmaceutical professionals who have experienced the data challenges you face. You can have complete confidence that they understand you are working in a highly regulated environment. They know how important it is to focus on creating efficient working practices, while also maintaining and improving data quality.

Maximise value

We ensure our clients gain maximum value from their data. We achieve this by working with you, using our knowledge of pharmaceutical data and analytics tools. You can reduce manual processes, optimise the speed and efficiency of your data analysis strategies, whilst improving reaction time and reducing costs. We understand that all our clients are different and face different challenges which is why we always customise our service to meet your needs.

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Powerful Qlik extensions: KommentTM and KompassTM

Data is important. Data is in everything you do. Therefore, you need good tools to make the most of the data you have. But even the best data visualization and BI tools are not always enough. Sometimes you are just faced with use cases that cannot be solved with out of the box functionality. Sometimes you need to extend the capabilities of the BI tool you are using.

Jack Jacobsen
Head of Data and Visual Analytics

Discover  KommentTM and KompassTM at extendbi.com

Medical monitoring

Shift to our lean medical monitoring solution. Have your monitoring ready from day one, even with the customisations needed for your trial.

Years of experience in clinical trial monitoring is the foundation for our lean medical monitoring solution.

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Our experienced subject matter experts know that keeping patients safe is your first priority. Talk to us today about using our powerful data analytics tools for pharmacovigilance: increase your data quality, meet your regulatory reporting requirements, keep patients safe.

Data-first approach

Our automated analytical dashboards maximize the value of your data, delivering customized KPIs, case summaries, and reporting on a secure, GxP-compliant Amazon Cloud platform.

How we help

Our dedicated team provides quick setup and ongoing support with tailored solutions to meet your unique challenges and enhance system capabilities. 

Why it works

Our team offers expert solutions to pharmacovigilance challenges with improved data quality, fast signal detection and shareable results. Compatible with all systems on the market.

How do you create a Central Clinical Monitoring Plan that meets the needs of all stakeholders?
Many trials tend to not make it to the planned Last Patient First Treatment date set by Trial Managers…
Enabling a client to automate their data extraction from source systems and reduce the manual interactions required.