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Innovative platform for rich insights that bring your data to life

Elevate your Clinical Data

We have pioneered clinical monitoring in biometrics for over a decade. Pushing the boundaries of technological innovation and data accuracy, we’ve built a unique, interactive and customisable tool that has powered more than 100+ distinct clinical trials across 20+ therapy areas for our pharmaceutical and biotech clients.

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Clinical Intelligence is a proprietary clinical monitoring platform from Phastar that presents all of your clinical data in one place. You’ll have access to a comprehensive, interactive suite of tools for powerful visualisations across clinical data, metadata and audit data trails. Empowering the team and stakeholders alike, this seamless, unified platform offers swift, precise and accurate data mapping and analytics, for improved decision-making and meaningful efficiencies throughout your trial.

Rapid Access to Advanced Analytics

Access to advanced analytics enables fast, accurate assessment of vast volumes of operational, clinical and safety data. Quickly identify trends and outliers, delve deep into the data and generate meaningful insights that will drive more efficient and effective processes and improve decision making.

Power your trial with Clinical Intelligence (mobile version)

Advanced Analytics Across the Full Spectrum of your Clinical Trial

Enhance insight gathering at every stage of your clinical trial development

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What Does This Mean For You?

  • Medical Monitoring: Efficiency up by 75%
  • Forecasting: Study cycle shortened by 5% (*for studies over a year)
  • RBQM: Review accelerated by up to 50%
  • DMC: Data review expedited by 50%
  • Patient Profiles: Generated in seconds

Intelligence Bespoke to your Needs

Access Clinical Intelligence your way, with an ‘out of the box’ solution ready to use in a matter of weeks. Or work with us to identify your core challenges and we’ll adapt existing tools or even create new apps to suit your specific needs. Through collaboration we’ll ensure your data interrogation is fast and precise.

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Meaningful Efficiencies for your Trial

Access to advanced analytics supports increased efficiencies across the lifecycle of your trial, from selecting the best trial sites to faster recruitment. In fact, our systems have helped our clients begin trials weeks earlier with significant savings in project efficiencies.

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