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Harness the power of our data scientists for your clinical trial

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Elevate your Research with the Data Science Experts

Our data scientists extract powerful insights from your data. By integrating statistics, predictive modelling and domain knowledge, we can drive better decision-making across the clinical trial spectrum, from protocol design to trial operation. We’ll help facilitate accurate trial enrolment, de-risk trial failures, innovate trial design and prevent systematic bias in trial conduct. All solutions are customised to your needs, with bespoke delivery methodologies and dynamic, scalable expertise at your fingertips.

Leading Innovative Data Science Solutions

We have extensive expertise in data-driven decision-making, utilising AI techniques such as machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP), along with interactive visualisation development. We’ll take your data from many sources, including trial sites, electronic health records, real-world data and claims data. Then collate, assess, analyse and communicate the results to all stakeholders, providing meaningful, actionable insights that help advance health research and development.

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Collaboration at the Heart of Data Science

You can build a bespoke project team, bring us directly into your systems or choose a hybrid approach. With expertise in multiple programmes such as R, Python, SAS, and SQL, and the ability to extract data from various sources, we can develop powerful, interactive visualisations for your team. We collaborate closely throughout, with a strong emphasis on digital health, patient experience and insight generation. Our adaptable and flexible approach enables us to constantly build cutting-edge technologies, driven by your needs, which we apply directly to your projects to support improved decision-making and create meaningful efficiencies.

Combine Powerful Data Science with Expert Trial Support

Our team brings a strong knowledge of not only the healthcare, biotech and pharma sectors, but also a deep understanding of the various clinical trial phases.

Find out more about our statistical consulting, programming and data management solutions for full-service support across your project lifecycle.

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Committed to Data Excellence

As the wealth of data and data sources expands, data scientists are becoming an increasingly integral component of clinical and medical research. Our data scientists aren’t just experts in programmatic solutions, but also specialists in specific medical areas. We use knowledge from every aspect of data evolution, including clinical, laboratory and trial development, to harmonise elements from seemingly disparate sources into a published product that supports clinicians globally and benefits the health of mankind.

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